Looking for a Brisbane wedding photographer with decades of experience?

Sterling Studios is your Brisbane wedding photography specialist, also with over 40 years of experience photographing in Brisbane and on the Gold and Sunshine coasts and hinterlands.

Your wedding day is a once is a lifetime opportunity to have gorgeous images to celebrate and remember your marriage, one where you wouldn’t want your photography left to chance.  Having an intimate knowledge of Brisbane and all the popular wedding venues, we know where the best Brisbane wedding photo locations are and how best to use them in different lighting and weather situations.

Chris and Sonia, the principle photographers of the studio are both masters of photography in Australia and the USA and have collected hundreds of awards for their portrait, travel and wedding photography.  Chris and Sonia have each taken the title of Queensland Wedding Photographer of the year in consecutive years. In addition, Chris has also won the Professional Photographer of the Year accolade, the highest honour within QLD and considered a lifetime achievement.

Often asked ‘why are you a wedding photographer?’

Short answer – because through photography we can make people happy. 

Long answer – We are naturally people pleasers, having been married for 10 years ourselves we value just how important it is to have life’s milestones not just captured but captured beautifully. We had wonderful photography of our wedding and since then of both of our beautiful children and we literally see these images in our home every day and know how much joy it can bring.

With a wealth of experience from photographing thousands of weddings within Brisbane and the occasional overseas adventure in there too, we have the skillset to keep the wedding day fluid and capture beautiful wedding images in every situation.

Weddings are predictable in the sense that two people will turn up to the same place, say some words, sign some paper and have a party. They are also so unpredictable, there are so many variables, some within our control but many that aren’t.  This is where the value of Sterling Studios experience is.   


Martine + Drew

Martine and Drew were married at St John’s Cathedral with their reception following at the Marriott Brisbane.  St John’s Cathedral is always a pleasure to photograph in with such stunning architecture it make for beautiful wedding photography. This wedding was simply too amazing not to share their album.