We are often asked 'Why are you a photographer?'

Short answer - because through photography we can make people happy.

Long answer - We are naturally people pleasers. Having been married for over 10 years ourselves we value just how important it is to have life's milestones not just captured but captured beautifully. We had wonderful photography for our wedding and since then of both of our children and we literally see these images in our home everyday and know how much joy they can bring.

With a wealth of experience from photographing thousands of weddings within Brisbane and the occasional overseas adventrue too, we have the skillset to keep your wedding day fluid and capture beautiful wedding images in every situation.

Hiring an experienced local Brisbane wedding photographer is hands down the best way to get the images you’ve been dreaming of.

Uncle, Friend and even your Dad have a digital SLR. Why not just have them take care of your wedding photography? While it is up to you how you’d like to have your wedding documented, we believe hiring a professional wedding photographer is the best way to get beautiful results. 

Believe it or not, our job goes far beyond pressing the shutter. Photography is an art, one that requires experience and unique skills to achieve worthy results.  At Sterling Studios Photography, we work with each and every one of our couples to deliver images with our artistic style tailored to the couples personal character.  We offer a range of archival products, in house image retouching and years of experience with posing and direction to bring you amazing results.

Wedding photography isn’t just about the hero shots, while they certainly have their place and do look amazing on display in your home. We believe that consistency of quality across the whole day is equally as important. Shot content plays a huge role in a wedding day so that none of those important shots are missed.  All the hero shots in the world aren’t going to matter if you miss out on a shot with your Grandmother who raised you or all of your bridal shots are full length and there are none close up.

Local knowledge is massive, we have often had the best made plans for a wedding only to find that on the day we couldn’t get to the locations with road closures, changes in weather that make some spots unsuitable or even having the wedding cars locked in the church grounds! Anything can happen and it is your wedding photographers job to come up with a beautiful solution (not just a quick fix) in seconds.  This is the part where experience and local Brisbane knowledge comes in, knowing what the options are if a hail storm comes over, where do we take photographs while the wedding cars are stuck at the church because an over excited security guard locked the gates early (true story!)?

At the end of all this hard work, you are ultimately the one who gets to enjoy the final product. Whether you choose to have lots of images on display in your home or just one and keep the rest in a hand made custom album, you will be happy you hired a professional wedding photographer. We promise!   

No longer taking bookings for 2023 and 2024.