Sirromet Laguna + Barrel Hall : Luke + Monique

Sirromet golden field

Sirromet Laguna and Barrel hall – a beautiful winter wedding

Luke and Monique had a beautiful winter wedding at Sirromet. The ceremony was held by the lake at the Sirromet Laguna and the Reception was in the beautifully ambient Barrel hall.  Everyone was super excited that the wedding was finally here! Luke and Monique were some of the most relaxed people on the wedding day itself. So often with so much planning going in to the event, couples can get caught up in managing it on the day too. Not the case here, they really jumped on and enjoyed the ride!

Kyle and I really enjoyed every minute of Luke and Monique’s special day, you know you are having an awesome time at a wedding when you are laughing while photographing the speeches.  Sirromet really turned it on with a beautiful afternoon, blue skies and golden sunshine.  The dinner was amazing, anyone who has ever eaten at Sirromet can tell you the food there is out of this world and their wedding meals are no different.

Usually on the wedding day it is the bride and groom that have the nerves, but this one was different. Sonia and I were expecting our little girl to arrive the day before the wedding but she didn’t want to be a July baby.  When I set out in the morning to head to the wedding I had Kyle with me and Ben on standby just in case I got a call during the day to make a mad dash to the hospital.  Fortunately, our little girl was very understanding and arrive the day following Luke and Monique’s wedding!

Now it has been a few months since the wedding and Luke and Monique have also found out some amazing news – they too are expecting a little girl of their own!  We are so excited for them, it couldn’t have worked out any better for such a beautiful couple.

Congratulations guys on both the wedding and the new family!

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